Caustic Soda

Product Overview

CAS No.:1310-73-2

Molecular Formula:NaOH

UN No:1823

Hazard label: 8.1

Physical Properties

Orison Chemicals Limited supplying the caustic soda prill and caustic soda flake, produced in Tianjin or Hebei province and deliver it from Tianjin sea port or Qingdao sea port. Caustic Soda Pearls (or beads) is more fast dissolved in the water.

Technical Literature

Specification of caustic soda

Test Items Specification
Purity 99.0% min
Sodium Carbonate 0.8% min
Sodium Chloride 0.1% max
Iron Content 0.005% max
Moisture& volatile materials 1.5% max (by weight)
Acid Value (as KOH) mg/g 36 max
Peroxide Value ( meq/kg) 12 max
Heavy Metal (as Pb) mg/kg 20 max
As (mg/kg) 3 max


as the raw materials for soap,detergents. to used in the processing of the textile, paper industry; in the water treatment processing: soften water, drilling mud treatment, acidity regulator ect.

Packages & Delivery:

    -25kg PP bags lined with PE bags;
    -multi-layer kraft paper bags;
    -tons of bags, drums;
    -plastic barrels;
    -designed according to customer requirements packaging.

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