Strategic Cooperation opportunities

Cooperation opportunities

Our company seeks strategic cooperation companies on a global scale. Jointly develop and expand market share:
Our company mainly purchases chemical raw materials from China: food additives, feed additives, nutraceutical raw materials, water treatment agents, chlor-alkali products, pharmaceutical raw materials, cellulose, dyes and other various chemicals.

The advantages of my company:
1) Professional purchasing personnel can accurately grasp the reputation, production, price and product quality of the manufacturer in a timely and accurate manner.
2) Professional logistics system, which can timely deliver products and reduce the risks generated by logistics;
3) Flexible payment methods;
4) Professional market analysis and forecasting;

The strategic cooperation company we are looking for:
1) Local chemical product distributors or wholesalers with extensive contact network;
2) Have the need to expand and expand market share;
3) Professional logistics and distribution capabilities;
4) is a person or company that can be trusted;

If you are seeking strategic cooperation partners,you are in the chemicals distribution business,feel free contact with us for more discuess, our e-mail: info@orisonchem.com