Potassium Hydroxide

Product Overview

CAS No.: 1310-58-3

Molecular Formula: KOH

Molecular Weight: 56.1

UN No.: 1813

Physical Properties

Potassium Hydroxide is white flakes or bead solid,with strong alkaline and corrosive. Easily absorb moisture in the air and absorb carbon dioxide turn into potassium carbonate,our supplied potassium hydroxide is manufactured via the "Ion-exchange membrane",Potassium hydroxide can be divided according to size: flakes and granular (bead), Beads Potassium hydroxide particles having a faster dissolution rate in water.

Technical Literature

Specification of Potassium Hydroxide

Test Items Specification
Appearance White beads or flakes
Content(KOH) 90% min,95%min
K2CO3 0.5% max
Chloride (as Cl): 0.0005% max
Sulfate (as SO4): 0.005% max
Nitrite (as N): 0.0005% max
Silicate (as SiO3) 0.01% max
Fe 0.0005% max
Heavy metals (as Pb) 0.002% max


1) as raw material for the production of potassium salt, such as potassium permanganate, potassium carbonate, etc.
2) used in detergent industry as the raw materials producing soap, soft soap, shampoo, cream, shampoo and ointment ingredients.
3) Dyestuff Industry: as the raw materials the production of vat dyes, such as Vat Blue RSN, etc.
4) In the textile industry for dyeing, bleaching and silk, and man-made fibers used for manufacturing a large number, the main raw material of polyester fiber.
5) Battery industry for the manufacture of alkaline batteries.

Packages & Delivery:

standard export packages: 25KG net weight PE bags lined with pp bags, or 50KG steel drums;

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