Sodium Saccharin

Product Overview

CAS No:128-44-9

Molecular formula: C7H4O3NSNa.2H2O

Molecular weight: 241.19

H.S Code:29251100

Physical Properties

Sodium saccharin is the salt form of saccharin,Freely soluble in water; sparingly soluble in ethano,an artificial sweetener,the related research has aproved the sodium saccharin are safe for human and non-human consumption.Sodium Saccharin is 300 times sweet as that of sucrose; conform to the GB4578-84 standard of food additive in P.R.C., the standard of BP98, BP2001, and American Pharmacopoeia USP24, and USP29 version. Size: 4-6mesh,5-8mesh,8-12mesh.10-20mesh,20-40mesh,80-100mesh.

Name Calories / Gram Sweetness Index Glycemic Index Calories / Spoon-Equiv
Sodium Saccharin

Technical Literature

Specification of Sodium Saccharin

Test Items Specification
Appearance White crystal powder or granular
Melting point 226-230℃
Acidity or alkalinity 4.5-5.5ml
Charity and color of solution Color is clear
Heavy metal 20 PPM max
Water 13-15%
Content: 99-101%
Heavy Metal (as Pb) mg/kg 20 max
As 2 PPM max
O- & P-: 10 PPM max
Selenium 30 ppm max
Organic Volatile Complies


Sodium saccharin is customarily used in canned fruit, flavored gelatin, dessert toppings, diet sodas, baked goods, jams, chewing gum, candy, and salad dressings. Unlike aspartame, sodium saccharin is heat stable so it can be used in cooking and baking without losing sweetness.The limit of the sodium saccharin in the food:0.15g/KG. It is not allowed used in the baby food.

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