Soy lecithin liquid-LeciPRO600

Product Overview

CAS No:002-43-5

H.S Code: 29232000

Type: natural feed emulsifier supplement

EC No: E322

Physical Properties

Soy lecithin consists of three types of phospholipids; phosphatidylcholine (PC), phosphatidylethanolamine (PE) and phosphotidylinositol (PI). It is extracted from soybean oil and is generally used as a natural emulsifier or stabilizer in various food or feed applications. Lecithin is utilized in a wide variety of food/feed and industrial applications. Today, the majority of lecithin used in food and feed applications is derived from soybeans.
Orison Chemicals offer crude soy lecithin oil from major soy bean mills in China,as the crude soy lecithin oil,LeciPRO600,is advantage for its low price and bulk supplying quantity,our supplying capacity over 10000MT per year, China is the biggest soy bean oil and meat producer in the world,enable us to supply in stable quantity and quality for different feed manufacturer (shrimps and fish feed)

Technical Literature

Specification of Soy Lecithin Liquid-LeciPRO600

Test Items Specification
Appearance dark brown flowing liquid
Acetone insoluble 60% min
Moisture& volatile materials 1% max
Acid Value 35mgKOH/g max
Aether insoluble 1.0% max
Gardner 14 max
Viscosity 12000 Cps max


The advantage using soy lecithin in the feed of shrimps and fish:
1) To improve survival rate of shrimps and fish;
2) To accelerate the growth of fish and shrimp;
3) To improves feed utilization efficiency;
4) Natural source of chlorine,inositol and phosphorus;
5) To reduce the feed pellets residues in the water,to keep the water quality stable;
6) Acts as a natural antioxidant and emulsifier;

Packages & Delivery:

Packing: Packed in 200KGS net weight iron drums, 19.6MT in full 20 feet container loading,18MT in 20 feet container with pallets.
Storage: Should be kept in cool and dry conditions below 25 degree, Avoid exposure to Moisture, heat,& light.
Shelf Life: 18 months from the date of manufacturing when stored in original packing at less than 25°C.

Inquiry & F.A.Q

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We offer samples 500g-1000g of soy lecithin oil for quality test purpose under the buyer DHL account No.
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