Soy Lecithin Liquid-LeciPRO600

Product Overview

CAS No:8002-43-5

H.S Code: 29232000

Type: Crude soy lecithin

EC No: E322

Physical Properties

Crude soy lecithin liquid or Soy lecithin oil,is the primary by-product in the processing of soybeans. it can also be called concentrated phospholipids.
Color: Dark brown viscous liquid, it can flow freely under the force of gravity.
Smell: unique soy taste.
Composition:phospholipids 60%. Soy bean oil:30%-35%. Sterols:2%-5%

Technical Literature

Specification of Soy Lecithin Liquid-LeciPRO600

Test Items Specification
Appearance dark brown flowing liquid
Acetone insoluble 60% min
Moisture& volatile materials 1% max
Acid Value 35mgKOH/g max
Aether insoluble 1.0% max
Gardner 14 max
Viscosity 12000 Cps max


The advantage using soy lecithin in the feed of shrimps and fish:
1) To improve survival rate of shrimps and fish;
2) To accelerate the growth of fish and shrimp;
3) To improves feed utilization efficiency;
4) Natural source of chlorine,inositol and phosphorus;
5) To reduce the feed pellets residues in the water,to keep the water quality stable;
6) Acts as a natural antioxidant and emulsifier;

Packages & Delivery:

Packing: Packed in 200KGS net weight iron drums, 19.6MT in full 20 feet container loading,18MT in 20 feet container with pallets.
Storage: Should be kept in cool and dry conditions below 25 degree, Avoid exposure to Moisture, heat,& light.
Shelf Life: 18 months from the date of manufacturing when stored in original packing at less than 25°C.

Inquiry & F.A.Q

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