Ferrous Sulphate Monohydrate Feed Grade

Product Overview

Type: Feed Grade

Package: 25KG/1000KG bags

Product Origin: China

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Physical Properties

Monohydrate Ferrous Sulphate is processed with the iron ores, it is a off-white fine granules or Free flowing powder without any lumps.

Granules size: 6-12 mesh; 12-20 mesh; 20-60 mesh.

Technical Literature

Specification Monohydrate Ferrous Sulphate

Test Items Specification
Fe 29.5-30.5%
Pb 15 ppm max
As 2 ppm max
Cd 3 ppm max


It is an essential trace element for animals, used as feed additives.


  • 25KG net weight woven bags
  • 1000KG net weight jumbo bags
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