Product Overview

CAS No:87-89-8

EINECS No.201-781-2

Chemical formula: C6H12O6

Molar mass: 180.16 g/mol

Physical Properties

Insitol also named:Cyclohexanehexol; Hexahydroxycyclohexane; myo-Inositol, FCC Grade i-Inositol,inositol NF12,Inositol is a naturally existing nutrient found in various forms in the body of plant and animals,the most common being myo-inosito.Myo-inositol is one of nine distinct isomers of inositol, and the terms are often used interchangeably. Human can produce the inositol supplement from the glucose.The pure inositol is a white critical powder form,toast sweet,soluble in the water and acetic acid.Inositol can be exacted from the corn steep liquor.

Technical Literature

Specification of Insitol

Test Items Specification
Appearance white crystalline powder
identification: Positive reaction
Melting point: 224-227℃
Chloride: 0.005% max
Sulfate 0.006% max
Iron 0.0005% max
Loss on Drying 0.5% max
Residue on Ignition: 0.1% max
Heavy Metals(Pb) 0.001% max
Assay 98% min


Food industry
Inositol is a "bios" in the body's metabolic activity, with immunization, prevention and treatment of certain diseases and other multiple roles, in the fermentation and the food industry, can be used to develop a variety of bacteria and yeast to promote growth, etc., if the lack of inositol inthe body of animals, there will be growth retardation and hair loss and other phenomena, the human daily demand is inositol l-2g, many health drinks and baby food are added to trace inositol.
Feed industry
Inositol used in the feed of fish, birds, dogs, cats, and other pet food, the added quantity is about 300-500mg/KG, in the Aqua feeds, inositol can improve digestive function of aquatic organisms, Anti-fatty liver and promote the growth of fish. for the fur animals, inositol can improve the animal wool growth and brightness, to improve the quality of the fur.

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Packed in in 25KGS net weight fiber drums lined with PP bags.

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