Chitosan oligosaccharide(COS)Food Grade

Product Overview

Chemicals Formula:(C6H11NO4)n(n=2~10)

CAS No:148411-57-8

Type:Food Grade


Physical Properties

  • Chitosan Oligosaccharide(COS) Food Grade
  • Other Names:Chitosan Oligomers, Chitooligosaccharide, OligoChitosan, Oligo Chitosan
  • Products Features:
  • -Good acid and thermal stabilities
    -Completely soluble in water
    -Non-toxic & Edible
  • Completely Biodegradable
  • -Alkalinity: The only positively charged and alkaline oligosaccharide.
    -Antimicrobial: The only plant elicitor with antimicrobial activity.
  • Product Functions
  • -Antibodies: Anti-tumor, Anti-oxidation and Anti-radiation
    -Adjustments: immune regulation, intestinal regulation and endocrine regulation.

    Technical Literature

    Specification of Chitosan Oligosaccharide(COS) Food Grade

    Test Items Specification
    Content % 90% min
    D.A.C (%) 90 min
    Molecular weight 340-1630 Da
    Water Insoluble 1% max
    pH value 5.0-7.0
    Moisture 10% max


  • Preserved alternatives for baked goods and beverages;
  • Health food additives
  • Packages & Delivery:

    Packed in 25KG net weith drums.
    Delivery by air or by sea available.
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